The project

Since 2005 Kulungwana has organised eight editions of the Maputo International Music Festival, with classical music and acoustic jazz being the preferred musical genres.
From 2005 to 2012, the festival brought together Mozambican and foreign musicians of international renown, which allowed significant cultural exchange and created the opportunity, in particular for a young audience to become familiar with musical genres and instruments that are not well-known in Mozambique.
The public, and students in particular, have given the festival a very warm welcome, with the result that there is a growing number of requests to promote events of this type throughout the year.
Taking note of this growing interest and the fresh expectations, Kulungwana started in 2013 the Xiquitsi Project which simultaneously, but in a complementary manner develops two main activities:

It is organised in three series of concerts in May, August and October, which take place at various venues in and around Maputo city. In this way, music lovers, enthusiasts and the simply curious have an opportunity to enjoy classical music more often at different times of year.

It is aimed at social integration and inclusion, as well as vocational training through group tuition in music, thus taking the first steps towards the formation of what will become the first Classical Youth Orchestra in Mozambique.
This initiative will give children and young people the chance to change their lives through group music practice, which will equip them with the essential skills for the full development of their capacities. The formation of this orchestra is based on proven experiences, such as :
“El sistema” in Venezuela, where the project has been running for the past 38 years and today has over 350 thousand youths and children in some 290 orchestras throughout the country.
“Neojibá” in Brazil, where the project started five years ago. It has trained more than 210 children and young people aged from 9 to 29 years, and has created three orchestras that have already given 240 performances.
In order to ensure good quality training, with continuous monitoring of a high standard, the project has two teachers who are trained, skilled and experienced in group teaching. These musicians and teachers will give daily lessons to children and young people aged from 7 to 25 years, who will have and remain in direct contact with the musicians invited to take part in the Maputo Classical Music Season, through workshops, rehearsals and concerts.
The Xiquitsi project is one among various projects managed by Kulungwana – Association for Cultural Development. Over the years, Kulungwana has gained experience in managing projects in a various areas of cultural activity. This Project is sponsored by the business community, some diplomatic missions in Mozambique and private contributions.
Kulungwana is managed by an executive director, supported by an assistant and other staff , who deal with public relations and accounting and ensure that the current project activities are accomplished. The Kulungwana website ( shows the activities that have been carried out over the years.
Eldevina (Kika) Materula, a Mozambican oboist, is the Artistic Director/author of the Xiquitsi Project.


Gerenal Direction:Kulunguana
Executive Direction:Henny Matos

Artistic direction:Eldevina Materula

Direction assistant Maria josé Friães
Pedagogical coordinator Altino Munguambe
Pedagogical assistant Yula Tandane Aires

Production coordinator: Manuela Soeiro
Production assistant: Márcia Nhantumbo
Stage Assistant: Alfredo Semo
Technical lighting: Quito tembe
Scenography: Manuela Soeiro – Teatro Avenida
Photography (Season) João Costa (Funcho)
Photography (catalog, poster, …) João Costa (Funcho), Júlio Dengucho
Filming (Season) Beco Produções (Funcho)
Graphic design Titos Pelembe
Web development Hélio Mate
Communication assistant Belarmino Lovane
Translations: Frances Chistie/ Fernando Amorim