Altino Munguambe, Mozambican, began his musical studies at the age of seven at the Escola Nacional de Música (National School of Music) in Maputo, where the clarinet was his main instrument, studying under Orlando da Conceição. In 1994 he went to Portugal under an exchange programme between the Maputo National School of Music and the Evora Vocational School of Music. There he continued his musical education, studying clarinet with Hernani Moura.
In 1999 he completed Grade 8 in Clarinet in the class of Hernani Moura at the Evora Vocational School of Music. During his training, he participated in classes of jazz orchestra, classical orchestra and wind orchestra with Gregg Moore, Nikolay Lalov and Hermenegildo Campos..
In the year 2000 he was admitted to the Lusophone University of Humanities, where he studied political science for three years. Altino Munguambe is currently a teacher of clarinet and group classes at the Xiquitsi Project.