Maya EgashiraThe Japanese violinist and violist Maya Egashira has performed extensively around the world. Her most notable performances include with Ralf Gothóni for Finnish President Matti Ahtisaari. Her interest in chamber music, both as violinist and violist, extends over the regular repertoire to the contemporary era and to more unusual combinations of instruments. She plays the viola in the contemporary ensemble “Musica QuLacoza” in Nagoya.
In 2011, she served as the second concertmaster in Orquestra do Porto Casa da Musica in Portugal, while earlier she played in the Sinfonia Lahti, and Kuopio City Orchestra. Maya has been exceptionally appointed repeatedly as the concertmaster of the Sibelius Academy and she held the concertmaster chair in the conducting class of the Academy even after her graduation. Since 2013 she has been a lecturer in Aichi University of Arts in Nagoya and in 2014, her recital in Japan was highly remarked in the national music magazine “Ongaku-no Tomo”.
Maya Egashira holds a Master of Music degree (2008, highest honors) from the Sibelius Academy, while prior to her moving to Finland she studied in the Aichi University of Arts (Bachelor of Music 2002, honor prizes).